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TSconverterdownload Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is created to show our undertakings to the protection of our customers' privacy. Our products or Services are provided in premise of it by and other websites we build at any time as well as pages linking to the sites. Our Privacy Policy describes our operations for this site and personal information security measures and steps taken on issues. Given the characteristics of the network, it is inevitable for us to have direct or indirect interaction. Please be sure to read it carefully.

The information we collected

If you choose to purchase products from us, you need to provide your personal information (such as name, postal address, phone number, email address). Apart from the above-mentioned personal information, if you choose to send us E-mail, we need to keep the content and e-mail address and our response. To retain the information obtained by mail or telephone, we will use electronic communication means, for these electronic communications that we give the same protection.

How the information is used

By providing your e-mail and telephone contact, we will promptly contact you so that you can better use our products! When we have promotions or upgrades of our products we will provide you according to your contact data.


For children under the age of 13, the personal information will be deleted as soon as possible.


As you browse TSconverterdownload sites, we place "cookies" on your hard drive to show which source (search engine and keywords, newsletter or site notification, pay-per-click ad and so on) you used to find our site. We also use cookies when you press the buy button to collect aggregate data for analysis. We do not use cookies to track single-user data.

Policy Changes

In order to meet the needs of users, we occasionally change the Privacy Policy. Please keep abreast of it.

Acceptance of Terms

If you agree to the privacy policy of this site, please use this site; otherwise please do not use this site!